Stuff I've Written:



BUYER, BEWARE | A Style & Error Mystery

March 2013, Polyester Press

Out-of-work fashion expert Samantha Kidd is strapped. But when the buyer of handbags for a hot new retailer turns up dead and Samantha is recruited for the job, the opportunity comes with a caveat: she’s expected to find some answers. The police name a suspect but the label doesn’t fit. Samantha turns to a sexy stranger for help, but as the walls close around her like a snug satin lining, she must get a handle on the suspects, or risk being caught in the killer’s clutches.  



Three Interconnected Mystery Novellas

Henery Press, December 2012

Baggage claim can be terminal. These are the stories of what happened after three women with a knack for solving mysteries each grabbed the wrong bag.

MIDNIGHT ICE | A Mad for Mod Prequel
by Diane Vallere
When interior decorator Madison Night crosses the country to distance herself from a recent breakup, she learns it’s harder to escape her past than she thought, and diamonds are rarely a girl’s best friend.


SWITCH BACK | An Elliott Lisbon Prequel 
by Kendel Lynn:
Ballantyne Foundation director Elliott Lisbon travels to Texas after inheriting an entire town, but when she learns the benefactor was murdered, she must unlock the small town’s big secrets or she’ll never get out alive.

FOOL’S GOLD | A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Prequel
by Gigi Pandian:
When a world-famous chess set is stolen from a locked room during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, historian Jaya Jones and her magician best friend must outwit actresses and alchemists to solve the baffling crime.




PILLOW STALK | A Mad for Mod Mystery

October 2012, Polyester Press

Interior Decorator Madison Night has modeled her life after a character in a Doris Day movie, but when a killer targets women dressed like the bubbly actress, Madison's signature sixties style places her in the middle of a homicide investigation. The local detective connects the new crimes to a twenty-year old cold case, and Madison's long-trusted contractor emerges as the leading suspect. As the body count piles up like a stack of plush pillows, Madison uncovers a former spy, a campaign to destroy all Doris Day movies, and six minutes of film that will change her life forever. 


JUST KIDDING | A Style & Error Short Story

This is a prequel to Designer Dirty Laundry
August 2012, Polyester Press

Before she gave up her glamorous career...
Before she moved back to the town where she grew up...
Before she was suspected of murder...

Designer Shoe buyer Samantha Kidd thinks the only thing needed to do her job well is a professional attitude, a high taste level, and a little careful planning. But when she sets out on day one of market week, prepared to wow her boss, there's one thing she's not prepared for: the serial charm of shoe designer Nick Taylor.




DESIGNER DIRTY LAUNDRY | A Style & Error Mystery

Samantha Kidd, ex-buyer turned Trend Specialist, designed her future with couture precision, but finding the Fashion Director's corpse on Day One leaves her hanging by a thread. When the killer fabricates evidence that puts the cops on her hemline, her new life begins to unravel. She trades high fashion for dirty laundry and reveals a cast of designers out for blood. Now this flatfoot in heels must keep pace with a diabolical designer before she gets marked down for murder. 


"Independence Day" Short Story

WG2E ANTHOLOGIES | Viva La Valentine Edition

February 2012

What if Cupid couldn't find you because you were too busy being busy?



"Identity Crisis" Short Story

FISH TALES | The Guppy Anthology

March 2011

A vintage/costume shop employee mourning the death of her cat adopts a fish and unknowingly gains possession of evidence to a local unsolved murder.