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Genre: SciFi/Cozy

Release date: 7/2018

Level of Fashion: Space Fashion

PB ISBN: 9781954579903
E ISBN: 9781939197498

ALT E ISBN: 9781954579866

LP ISBN: 9781954579538

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Sleuth long and prosper! 

When Sylvia Stryker boards her space cruise as a lowly uniform lieutenant, it’s with an eye toward the future. After space pirates destroyed the life she knew, she’s counting on the trek to Venus to give her a fresh start. Even her side gig working for security stud Neptune feels full of possibilities. But when she finds a body outside her ward after the departure point, her fresh start is as sullied as a worn uniform. The victim is the winner of a contest designed to hype the voyage, and if other VIPs on board get wind of the crime, the certain scandal will jettison Sylvia’s dreams.


Soon the amorous pull of Venus causes romantic chaos on board, threatening to compromise Sylvia’s investigation—especially after she learns the murder victim’s secret relationship to her boss. Even worse, she discovers what’s waiting for the passengers when they reach the Love Planet and it’s not a Valentine. A dangerous threat lurks aboard the space cruise, and if Sylvia can’t expose it, she’ll be laundering uniforms in the intergalactic afterlife.

Scandal on a Moon Trek is the second book in the unique Outer Space mystery series. If you like quirky characters, out-of-this-world settings, and a sprinkling of science, you’ll love Diane Vallere’s entertaining, interstellar series.

Buy Scandal on a Moon Trek and fall in love with uniform lieutenant Sylvia Stryker today!

Previously published as I'M YOUR VENUS. 

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