(barring any unforseen events)

Spiders From Mars

Sylvia Stryker Space Case #4

May 05, 2020


Mars Bars!

When Sylvia Stryker’s mentor is jailed for a crime Sylvia helped commit, she jumps on a plan to break him out. Her inspired rescue mission attracts attention from a covert branch of federation intelligence who may have their own agenda. But when a high-profile prisoner is murdered inside the jail where Neptune is held, offers of help evaporate like water on a dry planet. Neptune is moved to a penal colony on Mars where he’ll fulfill the duration of his life sentence mining rocks in sub-zero temperature.

There’s only one way out: prove Neptune is innocent. But is he? Sylvia knows better than anyone that Neptune will cross lines other people won’t. Without knowing what transpired in the prison, she can’t know if he’s complicit or not. Sylvia uses her sleuthing skills to solve a locked room mystery . . . while knowing the truth may keep Neptune locked up forever.

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