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BOOTY-KICKING BOOTIE KICK: linked in (part 2)


Yeah, we're not done here. (If you were lazy and ignored my last suggestion to get on LinkedIn, you should now know that I'm not going away. So if you don't have one, go sign up and come back. )

Your Booty Kick today will focus on your author platform. Note: LinkedIn will make all sorts of suggestions for your page. You can choose to make those updates or not. This booty kick is specific to your life as an author, and the steps below will focus your attention on those items. 

Here's what you do (the first 8 items are from the first LinkedIn Booty Kick. If you did them--great! just make sure there are no changes. If you didn't do them, get to work.)

  1. Sign into LinkedIn: (go to

  2. Sign in with your LinkedIn credentials

  3. On the upper right, click your photo. 

  4. Dismiss any pop-up tips. Click VIEW PROFILE AS (blue button). This will show you how connections see your page.

  5. MAINTENANCE ITEMS FROM FIRST LINKED IN BOOTY KICK: (make sure these are current!)

    1. Do you have a background photo? If not, upload one. 

    2. In the brief description directly below your name, do you say you're an author? Do that. Are you available for seminars, luncheons, or retreats? Say that.

    3. On the upper right toolbar, click the gray icon of a person. These are pending contacts. Accept them to grow your network.  

    4. Go to the section titled PUBLICATIONS. Are your books listed here? If not, add them as early as you can to start pre-publication awareness. Tip: If you are adding multiple publications, click save between each one so you don't lose your work!

NEW BOOTY KICK: There are several components to the LinkedIn page and you can rearrange them in any order you like. Below is my preference:

  1. SUMMARY: Provide a 1-2 sentence summary. If your profile is predominantly for a different job, then end the summary statement with: "NAME also is the author of XXX." (<--where XXX is the genre you write.)

  2. EXPERIENCE: Just like a resume. Author should be a position. Your books are your credentials.


    1. Name: Books

    2. Occupation: blank (or author)

    3. Date Range: date your first book was published to Present

    4. Project URL: Your website

    5. Team Members: You

    6. Description: optional


(feel free to check out my profile here if you would like an example)

What this does: highlights your writing to an audience that may not otherwise find you on social media. Helps reinforce your author brand. 
Why you need to do it: You should treat your writing like it is a profession. 

Why you need the booty-kicking bootie to get this done: you probably did this once and forgot all about it. 

We'll revisit other sections of LinkedIn in 90 days. Four times a year is good for LinkedIn maintenance. Set it, forget it, and move on. 

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