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BOOTY-KICKING BOOTIE KICK: amazon author profile.


You have an Amazon author profile, right? (If not, go sign up and come back.)

Your Booty Kick today will help you maximize your Amazon profile for improved ranking and discoverability. Too often we set up profiles and forget them. Time to pay some attention to this one. 

Here's what you do:

1. Sign into Author Central: (go to
2. Sign in with your Amazon credentials
3. On the top toolbar, click AUTHOR PAGE 
4. First: read your bio and make sure it is up to date. (While prepping this Booty Kick I found seven things to update in my bio. SEVEN!) Note: You get a lot of words here and they all count toward Amazon searches. Make sure to reinforce your brand with words that people will search to gain traction in their algorhthms. 
5. Below your bio is BLOGS. Do you have a blog or contribute to a blog? If so, set up an RSS feed
6. Below BLOG is EVENTS. List as many events as you have on your calendar. Include all conferences and conventions that you plan to attend. 
7. To the right of BIO is AUTHOR PAGE URL. You don't have to do anything with this. (So point #7 is a gimme. You're welcome.)
8. Below AUTHOR PAGE URL is PHOTOS. Is your most recent author photo shown? Do you have other photos you'd like to share? You with your favorite author or you receiving a Major Award? Get 'em up here.
9. Last: VIDEOS. If you have book trailers, short videos from panels, or something else, load them here

At the sheer minimum, make sure you have a bio and a photo. If you don't, Amazon won't send any notices to followers about your books. 

What this does: gives you more text from which the Amazon search engines pull
Why you need to do it: Amazon's search engines are the second best on the internet (behind Google).
Why you need the booty-kicking bootie to get this done: you probably did this once and forgot all about it. 

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