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Genre: SciFi/Cozy

Release date: 5/2020

Level of Fashion: Space Fashion

PB ISBN: 9781939197818
E ISBN: 9781939197825

ALT E ISBN: 9781954579880

LP ISBN: 9781954579552
🎧 ISBN: 9781954579583

Boldly go where no cozy has gone before…


Uniform Lieutenant Sylvia Stryker is about to depart on her fourth Moon Trek, this time while mentor-and-more, Neptune, serves time in a Federation Council prison for a crime he didn’t commit. But when a space pirate is murdered inside the prison and Neptune assumed guilty, Sylvia stands to lose him for more than the duration of his sentence.


Forget the stability of her job or her side gig selling uniforms. Her new priority? Prove Neptune’s innocence. Faced with a corrupt galactic government, a team of questionable freelancers, and the limits of her physical capabilities, she goes all-in to get him out. Success will restore her status quo, but failure is an all too possible conclusion.

Framed on a Moon Trek is the fourth quirky adventure in the Outer Space mystery series. If you like resourceful characters, unique settings, and intergalactic fun, then you’ll love Diane Vallere’s entertaining, interstellar series.


Buy Framed on a Moon Trek for feisty, feel-good mystery adventure today!

Previously published as SPIDERS FROM MARS. 

murder on a moon trek
scandal on a moon trek
hijacked on a moon trek
framed on a moon trek
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