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Genre: SciFi/Cozy

Release date: 9/2018

Level of Fashion: Space Fashion

PB ISBN: 9781939197528
E ISBN: 9781939197511

ALT E ISBN: 9781954579873

LP ISBN: 9781954579545
🎧 ISBN: 9781954579576


Murder…the final frontier


Space sleuth Sylvia Stryker has had enough recent success with matters beyond uniform management to go all in on her continuing education. Picking up where Space Academy left off, she turns to hunky hero Neptune (while wear-testing a new, prototype uniform!) for one-on-one lessons. But when an empty space pod lands by their training site and the body of an intergalactic courier is discovered inside, her newly-acquired skills are put to the test. The courier was a friend who shared her interest in back channel business, and his death seems like a message—or worse, a warning.


Determined to seek justice, Sylvia and Neptune hijack a spaceship and assemble a team. But there’s more to this trek through the stars than expected, including fifty rambunctious aliens accidentally beamed aboard the ship, some very nasty space pirates, and one suspicious member of the spaceship staff who thought their recruitment message was a call for duty. Now Sylvia’s on a quest to catch a killer, but if she fails, she could wipe out an entire alien race in the process.

Hijacked on a Moon Trek is the third wacky mystery adventure in the Outer Space mystery series. If you like humorous mysteries, unique characters, and spacey fun, you’ll love Diane Vallere’s entertaining, interstellar series.

Previously published as SATURN NIGHT FEVER. 

murder on a moon trek
scandal on a moon trek
hijacked on a moon trek
framed on a moon trek
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