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buyer beware, killer fashion mystery 2




Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release date: 6/5/2012

Series: Killer Fashion

Level of Fashion: Professional Chic

PB ISBN: 9781939197948
E ISBN: 9781939197931
🎧 ISBN: 9781939197030

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She needs a paycheck. A murder creates the perfect job. Can she avoid becoming the next victim?

​Samantha Kidd recently added an unexpected skill to her fashion-heavy resume: solving a crime. But amateur sleuthing doesn’t pay the bills. A new retailer shows interest in hiring her as their handbag buyer, but there’s one big red flag: the last buyer was killed on the job.

​Moving back to her old hometown was about leaving that career path behind, but Samantha’s out of options. When another person at the store is murdered, the walls close in like a snug, satin lining.

​Can Samantha get a handle on an inside job without getting caught in the killer’s clutches?

Buyer, Beware is the second cozy mystery in the humorous Samantha Kidd mystery series. If you like friendship fiction, fashionable drama, and mysteries that keep you guessing, you’ll love Diane Vallere’s humorous mystery​

Buy Buyer, Beware for laugh-out-loud entertainment today!

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