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Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release date: 6/5/2012

Series: Killer Fashion

Level of Fashion: On Trend

HC ISBN: 9781939197337
PB ISBN: 9781939197917
E ISBN: 9781939197924
🎧 ISBN: 9781939197610

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Solving crime through style and error.

About the book:

👗 She expected the fashion industry to be ruthless. She wasn't prepared for it to turn deadly.

Ready to redesign her life, style expert Samantha Kidd accepts a job in her Pennsylvania hometown as a trend specialist. 


But her first day goes completely A-line when she stumbles across her legendary boss dead in the elevator. 


And after the body disappears, she can't help but pull on the mystery's thread and unravel an entire wardrobe of suspects.


Supervising her deceased employer's vogue competition, Samantha tries to hem in a sexy shoe designer and countless ego-driven creatives to stitch together the clues. 


But when her own name appears on the police's suspect list, the sleuthing fashionista's days on the catwalk could be numbered.


​Can Samantha put a killer in the spotlight before she's sewn up for a crime she didn't commit?

🔎 Here's what readers say:

"I recommend Designer Dirty Laundry to all cozy mystery fans, especially those who like madcap caper cozies."

"Such a great book filled with wonderful characters, fashion, and storyline."

"If you love cozy mysteries with plot twists then you’ll love this book!"

"A stylish whodunnit that made me giggle, laugh and chortle."

"...funny and engaging and an absolutely delightful start to this series."

"well-plotted, fast-moving mystery"

"Fashion and mystery, with a little laughter thrown in. I've read this book three times and I still enjoy it."

"With just the right amount of humor and suspense, this page turner has it all."

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