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fahrenheit 501, killer fashion mystery 12

fahrenheit 501



Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release date: 10/20/21

Series: Killer Fashion

Level of Fashion: Denim

HC ISBN: 9781954579354

PB ISBN: 9781939197309

E ISBN: 9781954579262

🎧 ISBN: 

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Is it better to burn out...or fade away? 

When Samantha Kidd is invited to fill a vacated spot in a secret society, she jumps at the chance. The group’s mission is to preserve famous fashion patterns through memorization and pass them down to future generations, but Samantha’s dreams of Chanel jackets and Halston dresses are dashed when she’s assigned the 501 jean. And when the retiring denim expert turns up dead, she fears there’s more than fashion history at stake.

Garments from the deceased member’s estate are linked to a series of deadly jean jackings, and Samantha questions everything. Was the member’s death an admission of guilt or vigilante justice? As she pulls at the threads of the investigation, she finds the fabric of her secret society fraying at the seams.

Can Samantha unzip the facts or will the truth stay buttoned up forever? 

Fahrenheit 501 is the twelfth humorous installment in the Samantha Kidd mystery series. If you like fashion history, fun puzzles, and unusual crimes, or read favorites Cleo Coyle or Joanne Fluke, you'll love Diane Vallere's latest Samantha Kidd mystery. 

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