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murky waters, mermaid sister mystery 2 by diane vallere


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Mermaid Sisters Cozy Mystery #2



Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release date: 6/2019

Series: Mermaid Sisters

Level of Fashion: Scales

Lexile Score: 1000

E ISBN: 9781939197658
🎧 ISBN: 

Bad boys can catch you, hook, line, and sinker . . .

Kyra had always been the baby. Third mermaid daughter of three, she had been overprotected since birth. More interested in boys and makeup than adventures like sister Zoe or inheriting command of Sirenia like Ava, she studies underwater dance at the academy and spends her spare time flirting with mermen. But when she catches a member of Poseidon’s security team dismantling the safe that protects the mermaid treasures, she fears the worst. The problem? Thanks to her practiced naiveite, nobody takes her warning seriously.

What happens when a sweet mermaid suspects corruption in the ranks?
If you’re that mermaid, you might have to grow up fast.

Kyra embarks on a double life: Lolita by day, Mata Hari by night. Navigating cloudy waters tainted by the ink of squid intended to hide the merman’s trail, she leaves the safety of Sirenia and follows his path . . . until that path leads to his dead body. With an unknown killer inside Sirenia, Kyra knows no one is safe. Lacking the drive and bravery of her two older sisters, she uses her purity to discover the truth, but what happens when her childlike charm hooks a dangerous killer? Hidden reserves of courage could save her life . . . or leave her dangling on the line.

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