In addition to writing, I also own Polyester Press, a micro-publishing house. Below find the books in the Polyester Press catalog listed in order of publication date. Books are available in print and ebook formats. Links on this page go to Indiebound, where you can check availability at your local indie bookstore. 

books published by polyester press: 

Saturn Night Fever

Sylvia Stryker Space Case #3

September 18, 2018


Sylvia Stryker has found her footing in the Moon Unit Corporation--but it’ll take more than fancy dance moves to stay alive on this rescue mission to Saturn from national bestselling author Diane Vallere…

When amateur space sleuth Sylvia Stryker discovers details of her defense instructor's murder hidden inside her robot cat, she sets off on a new adventure that puts her on the wrong side of the rules. Good thing Neptune, the head of security for Moon Unit Corporation, is on her side this time! With his help she hijacks a space ship, assembles a questionable crew and takes on space pirates. But there’s more to this trek than expected and Sylvia’s focus on solving her friend’s murder might lead her into a trap. Between the truth and the lies is a galaxy of questions that lead to an unexpected answer. 

Five Slices of Fear

A Connoisseur's Hoagie of Horror

August 28, 2018


Lovecraft. Poe. King. All names not found in this collection. But the ghosts of those authors and others (yes, even the ones not yet dead) haunt these fetid pages with wafts of fear from beyond the ethers. Collected here for your diabolically delicious devouring are Five Slices Of Fear: A Connoisseur’s Hoagie Of Horror for those hungry for the horrifically hilarious. Five new terrifying tales of portentous pathos and sinister satire seasoned with shock and piled high as a funeral pyre. With nods to the work of H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Bloch, Rod Serling and other horror greats, perhaps another name can be added to the list…Hickman.

I'm Your Venus

Sylvia Stryker Space Case #2

August 21, 2018


Sylvia Stryker is taking space by storm—and the galaxy is gearing up for adventure as national bestselling author Diane Vallere blasts Sylvia’s Moon Unit to Venus…

When Sylvia Stryker boards Moon Unit 6 as uniform lieutenant, it’s with an eye on the future. After space pirates destroyed her life, the trek to Venus provides a fresh start. But when the winner of the promotional contest designed to hype the trip is found dead outside the uniform ward, sleuthing takes top priority. 

The amorous effect of Venus on the already frisky passengers threaten to compromise the investigation—not to mention the victim’s secret relationship with Sylvia’s boss. Forward thinking, back channels, and distractions on the side lead Sylvia on a pulse-pounding probe that exposes a murderer along with the surprising truth about her past. 

Panty Raid

Samantha Kidd | Style and Error Mysteries #8

June 05, 2018


Don't get caught with your panties down!
When amateur sleuth Samantha Kidd is assigned to cover the lingerie show in Las Vegas, her excitement is more visible than panty lines. Events in her hometown have made her a celebrity, and a romantic getaway with fiancé Nick Taylor is timely. But when a lingerie model—engaged to a college friend of Nick's—is found dead outside their hotel room, their escape turns brief. Cheeky designers, high class hookers, and secrets from Nick's past that don't add up make this gamble her most dangerous one yet. When push-up comes to shove, Samantha bares everything in order to save her future.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


An Illustrated Comic Novella

May 29, 2018


Moby Dick meets Blazing Saddles!

When young fop Lucius Creedmore sets off on a quest for fortune, courage, and adventure in 1800 New Orleans, he lands aboard the Medusa’s Piles. The notoriously unlucky ship is in search of the treasured substance ambergris, and as a member of the crew, Lucius discovers his fortune—and more. Fighting his fear of water, he endures sea monsters, a "ghost ship," Shrimpfest '00, and constant danger in Sodom-By-The-Sea off the Barbary Coast. But when nefarious thieves and evil perfume barons threaten to steal his prized lump of ambergris, he is faced with his most courageous challenge yet.

Through Tick & Tinn

The True Story of the Greatest Unknown Comedy Team Ever Known

December 19, 2017


"This book comes as close as anything I've seen to capturing the lifestyle, tribulations and careers of two people who are dependent on each other for laughs and their livelihood." 
~George Schlatter, Producer, Rowan and Martin's "Laugh-In," founder of the American Comedy Awards

Say "Martin & Lewis," they'll say, "A phenomenon!" Say "Rowan & Martin," they'll say, "Laugh-In!" Say "Tick & Tinn," they'll say, "You mean the tailors?" Finally, Josh Hickman bravely attempts to right a tragic comedic travesty which has persisted in the annals of entertainment for decades longer than it should have. Unmercifully digging through personal interviews, yellowed press clippings, grainy videotapes, scratchy kinescopes, scratchier comedy albums, and reams of questionable anecdotes, Mr. Hickman has managed to do the unthinkable--to piece together the most coherent portrait possible of the life of one of the last great comedy teams of the era.

Through rifts, marriages, divorces, and an infamous accusation of joke-theft, Jerry Tick and Larry Tinn persevered undaunted, spreading laughter through memorable challenges such as "The Pope Lick Monster" controversy, Jerry's comedy cult involvement, and facing on live television Hobarth Getz, "The Man Who Couldn't Laugh."What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Fly Me To The Moon

Sylvia Stryker Space Case #1

August 01, 2018


National bestselling author Diane Vallere gives a space academy dropout a chance to fit in--but it's what makes her different that changes everything...

When space academy dropout Sylvia Stryker hacks her way into the position of Uniform Inventory Manager aboard Moon Unit 5, she jumps at the chance to leave her small planet behind. Besides, who will find out she faked the results of her physical? But when the ship’s second navigation officer is found dead in the uniform closet shortly after departing the space station, Sylvia’s problems become bigger than falsified test results. And when her supervisor places her on probation for her own uniform infraction, she’s at risk of being dropped off at the nearest substation. Juggling red shirts, white lies, and little green men, Sylvia has to expose a killer before Moon Unit 5 becomes space dust.

***Originally published as MURDER ON MOON TREK 1.***

Cement Stilettos

Samantha Kidd | Style & Error Mysteries #7

June 13, 2017


Leave the cannoli. Take the shoes!

When newly engaged amateur sleuth Samantha Kidd discovers the body of a mafia princess dead in fiancé and shoe designer Nick Taylor’s showroom, her questions are so numerous she’d need a bookie to keep track. The victim’s ties to local organized crime are unexpected. Nick’s apparent vow of silence makes Samantha question the vows in their future, and despite past promises, all bets are off. Wise guys and leopard ladies keep her busier than a consigliere during tax season, and if she can’t keep her head above water, she’ll end up sleeping with the fishes.

Pearls Gone Wild

Samantha Kidd | Style & Error Mysteries #6

December 31, 2016


Nacre Bleu!

Amateur sleuth Samantha Kidd’s life is finally on track. It’s her normally cultured friend Cat whose life has lost its luster: eight months pregnant and abandoned by her husband the week before Christmas. She ropes Samantha into helping at her boutique, but a string of jewelry thefts threatens her business. And when Cat’s husband is found strangled with pearls inside the shop, the last thing she’s concerned with is profit. Samantha tries to get a bead on the killer, but when the suspects all clam up, she’s left tangled in knots. Add in an unexpected proposal, a flirtatious friend, and a brand new detective, and this is bound to be Samantha’s wildest adventure yet.

Grand Theft Retro

Samantha Kidd | Style & Error Mysteries #5

May 17, 2016


Samantha Kidd is about to go retro.
When Samantha Kidd's job at Retrofit Magazine leads her into the fashionable archives of seventies style, she's prepared to report on patchwork velvet and platform shoes, but she never expected to uncover the theft of a major collection of samples from runway shows that took place before disco died. When the guilty party threatens Samantha's family and friends, her priority shift into protection mode. The investigation heats up faster than fondue over sterno, and all too soon Samantha learns that while beat goes on, there's no guarantee that she'll go on with it.

Some Like It Haute

Samantha Kidd | Style & Error Mysteries #4

January 06, 2015


If you can't stand the heat, get off the runway.
Fashion expert turned amateur sleuth Samantha Kidd is in the hot seat. After agreeing to help her ex-boyfriend’s former girlfriend with a runway show, her post-break-up life turns explosive. She recruits Dante, a smokin’ hot photographer, to turn up the heat on the investigation (and help her get over Nick), but even the third degree won’t expose an angry arsonist. With a crash course in sizzle, Samantha’s curiosity leads her into another inferno, and this time she either faces the fire or gets burned.

The Brim Reaper

Samantha Kidd | Style & Error Mysteries #3

December 10, 2013


Former fashion buyer Samantha Kidd is in over her head.
With no job prospects on the horizon, former fashion buyer Samantha Kidd convinces boyfriend and shoe designer Nick Taylor to give her a job in his showroom, but when a collection of vintage Hollywood costumes comes to town, it brings a hat box full of hype. Close friend Eddie is in charge of the exhibit and calls on Samantha for help, but all too soon hype turns to homicide. Brimming with good intentions, she loops in the cops, but after one too many cloche calls, she's knee-deep in mystery. If she can tear the lid off the investigation, it might mean a feather in her fedora. And if she can't? She might get capped.

Buyer, Beware

Samantha Kidd | Style & Error Mysteries #2

March 05, 2013


Samantha Kidd: Bag Lady?
Out-of-work fashion expert turned amateur sleuth Samantha Kidd is strapped. But when the buyer of handbags for a hot new retailer turns up dead and Samantha is recruited for the job, the opportunity comes with a caveat: she's expected to find some answers. With shoe designer Nick Taylor off in Italy, she turns to a sexy stranger for help (with humorous results!). But as the walls close around her like a snug satin lining, Samantha must get a handle on the mystery or risk being caught in the killer's clutches.

Designer Dirty Laundry

Samantha Kidd | Style & Error Mysteries #1

June 05, 2012


"The Devil Wears Prada meets Murder She Wrote."--Gretchen Archer, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Davis Way Crime Caper Series

Meet Samantha Kidd.
Ex-buyer turned trend specialist turns amateur sleuth! She designed her future with couture precision, but finding the fashion director's corpse on day one leaves her hanging by a thread. And when the killer fabricates evidence that puts the cops on her hemline, even a chance run-in with hot shoe designer Nick Taylor can't keep her life from unraveling. She trades high fashion for dirty laundry and reveals a cast of designers out for blood. Now her job, her love life, and her future are put on hold as she tries to expose a diabolical designer before getting marked down for murder.

Just Kidding

Samantha Kidd Short Story & Bonus Content

July 25, 2017


This is a collection of bonus content for fans of the Samantha Kidd Cozy Mystery Series. Samantha Kidd Activity Book includes:
"Just Kidding" short story: details the first meeting of Samantha Kidd and Nick Taylor
"Getting my Second Wind" essay by Samantha Kidd after Designer Dirty Laundry
"Things Around the House" essay by Logan, Samantha Kidd's Cat (related book: Buyer, Beware)
A Chat and a Chai with Samantha Kidd: an interview (related book: Buyer, Beware)
"Dude, Where's My Helper?" by Eddie Adams (related book: The Brim Reaper)
"Samantha Kidd: This Is Your Life" essay by Samantha Kidd (related book: Some Like It Haute)
Ten Ways to Reorganize Your Closet by Samantha Kidd
Samantha Kidd's Fashion Personality Quiz
Excerpt from Designer Dirty LaundryWhat's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

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