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Welcome to The Polyester Posse!

Welcome and thank you for showing interest in The Polyester Posse. Whether you have a penchant for or an aversion to synthetic fibers is immaterial :)  What does matter is that you're interested in helping me promote my books! You're on my website so you already know something about me. Now answer a few questions so I can learn something about you! xo, Diane

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is with all the polyester?

A. Polyester used to be the joke of the fabric world. Even now, there are fabric purists who refuse to use it. But it changed the way women dressed, made fashion more accessible and durable in the sixties, allows us to pack stuff that doesn't wrinkle, holds color, and will probably outlast us all. So I figure it's okay to be the thing people laugh at--because we're still providing a service.

Q. If I'm invited to join the Polyester Posse, how many books will I get?

A. If you are invited to join the Polyester Posse, you will receive review copy requests for each of my books along with instructions on how/when reviews are due. Some of this depends on publisher decisions. For my series that are traditionally published, I will request they approve you to download the book from NetGalley (I can't guarantee this, but chances are better than 50%). You'll get my Polyester Press books as they come out (about a week before in most cases, because I like to edit and tweak until the very last minute!). At least once a year, I'll have an opportunity for you pick up copies of past books that you might not have read. So to answer your question,  you're looking at somewhere between 3-5 books/year with occasional extras.

Q. I don't really want the commitment of being on an official team but I still want to help. Can I?

A. Of course! Here's a short list of ways readers can help authors:

  • Write a review

  • Recommend books to friends

  • Vote in a poll on GoodReads

  • Post a pic of the book on your favorite social media channels

  • Post a quote from a book on your favorite social media channels

  • Request that your library acquires the book/series

  • Share author posts on social media channels

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