Anatomy of a Rabbit Hole

This is how it starts: I read a book. Jen Lancaster's Bitter is the new Black. I'm a fan of Ms. Lancaster's writing. Whenever I read one of ther books, I find myself turning to my preppy/ Jackie O side: pearls, twinsets, plaid, argyle. Pretty much anything endorsed by the Preppy Handbook (hooray, too, for Lisa Birnbach, who helped me with my college prep with Lisa Birnbach's College Book, plus wrote a book about Barbie! She's my kind of gal.)

So, reading Bitter is the New Black led me to the Lacoste website. After adding several polos to my shopping cart, I checked on shoes, because I seem to find myself in a perpetual search for cute, affordable shoes that are dress appropriate but also suitable for walking up to three miles. So--Lacoste shoes--not so hot. But since my inner prep has already been triggered, I clicked ove