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Anatomy of a Rabbit Hole

This is how it starts: I read a book. Jen Lancaster's Bitter is the new Black. I'm a fan of Ms. Lancaster's writing. Whenever I read one of ther books, I find myself turning to my preppy/ Jackie O side: pearls, twinsets, plaid, argyle. Pretty much anything endorsed by the Preppy Handbook (hooray, too, for Lisa Birnbach, who helped me with my college prep with Lisa Birnbach's College Book, plus wrote a book about Barbie! She's my kind of gal.)

So, reading Bitter is the New Black led me to the Lacoste website. After adding several polos to my shopping cart, I checked on shoes, because I seem to find myself in a perpetual search for cute, affordable shoes that are dress appropriate but also suitable for walking up to three miles. So--Lacoste shoes--not so hot. But since my inner prep has already been triggered, I clicked over to Bass Weejuns.

I haven't had Bass Weejuns since high school!

And--OMG--they make color blocked ones, pink and lavendar and white, which is very appealing because while loafers are unisex and not particulary feminine, the addition of pale pink makes them fit my girly side. Plus, as I am about to embark on promo for my Costume Shop series, I know that anything that feels remotely costumy is going to get use. I'm already planning my four day wardrobe for Left Coast Crime in February, and no way can I duplicate it in May at Malice Domestic, so...

Crap. They only have the pink colorblocked loafers in a size 6.

But they also have tasselled loafers!

And loafers with a stacked heel!

With a kilty detail!

Which will go great with argyle socks and a plaid skirt!

Ten minutes--and a brief sidetrack into an online search for argyle socks--later, I'm back at Bass Weejuns. How did I not notice that their classic loafer is named "Diane?" But why doesn't "Diane" come in an assortment of cute colors? Why is "Diane" only available in boring black and brown? Should I access the Bass Weejuns contact form and suggest they embrace all that "Diane" can be?

At this point, I'm pretty far down the rabbit hole, but Josh just left so I can have access to the main computer and start tackling my actual list for the day. Which is good because now that my inner prep has been unleashed, I have a very strong desire to click over to the fine folks at Tretorn to see what they've been up to since the eighties.


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