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Release Month: Grand Theft Retro (Style & Error #5)

It's release month for GRAND THEFT RETRO, #5 in the Style & Error mystery series! I'll be celebrating all month long (after all, May IS Samantha Kidd's birthday) with giveaways and fun trivia about the book.

This book was particularly interesting to write because it finds Samantha not unemployed or job-challenged like previous books, but in a work-intensive position that affords her (and her cat) some of the nicer things in life. Wasn't that what she had way back in Designer Dirty Laundry: a glamorous job that didn't make her happy? But a few years have gone by and she realizes that a part of her did like feeling like she knew what she was doing. A part of her liked knowing she was part of a team that appreciated hard work and dedication. But now, a competitive coworker is about to change all that. (in a BIG way!)

Goodreads Giveaway coming up soon! Add GRAND THEFT RETRO to your TBR list and you'll be notified when the giveaway goes live!

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