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Masking for Trouble release day!

Every book that I write is the result of a whole bunch of different influences fed into my brain and combined with what is already there. In a way, it's a cocktail of random thoughts and implosions of the will, and most of the time when I'm writing the draft, I have no idea how it's going to turn out.

Masking for Trouble was influenced by several different things: the millennium project in Hollywood, the likelihood of an earthquake being triggered by construction, the three investigators, Halloween. And in an example of art imitating life, some of the costumes described in the book are costumes I wore or made for other people. I wrote this book in early 2015, and because I got behind on my deadlines, 25% of it was finished in the last four days! I swore I would never have a book due the day before I had another book come out, but don't you know, I did it again. I turned Madison Night #4, THE DECORATOR WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, in to my publisher last night, the day before MASKING FOR TROUBLE came out. That's the way it goes!

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