I am not perfect

I love hearing about people who actively try to improve themselves. I think about personal growth a lot, and while there are times when I'm relatively happy with who I am and where I am, there are also times when I realize how much opportunity there is for me to improve. I'm self-critical in many aspects, I have an ingrained sense of competition that often pits my accomplishments against those of others, and I sometimes feel I'm destined for a life of mediocrity. That is the honest part of me talking, the part that wants to say "I'm not perfect but I'm willing to keep trying to be better."

Somewhere along the line, blogging became about "establishing a platform" or "building a brand," and I spent a bit of time focusing on my fashion background and how that informed my writing. And that's true, those experiences are there, and I wouldn't trade them for a spot on the NYT Bestseller List. But one of the reasons I left that career was