Fear of Flying

I have a fear of flying. When I was a retail buyer I traveled regularly, and I wrote my first book during flights to and from market week. The distraction helped but it was a temporary solution; I wanted to write so instead of dreading flights, I anticipated them. (Okay, there was a little dread. I'm not going to lie.)

Last year one of my friends and I were brainstorming ideas to promote my various series. I said I was limited to events that I could drive to because of the expense of travel. Fast forward about six months: that friend became a flight attendant and, remembering that conversation, asked if I'd like to be his companion. "Companion Status" meant I could take sixteen one-way trips in a year. Meaning I no longer had expenses as an excuse not to travel for events. The only problem was, as mentioned, I have a fear of flying.

It would take a really dense person not to see that what my friend offered me was much bigger than sixteen one-way flights around the country. He offered me a chance to meet readers who didn't even know I existed. A chance to support indie bookstores with signings. He was eliminating the single biggest hurdle in the path of me promoting my books in person by giving me a chance to get out of my own way. And since I prefer not to think of myself as a really dense person, I said yes.