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Everybody Needs A Hobby

When I started blogging again, I did so for the main reason of holding myself accountable for personal growth in a public forum. This wasn't because I thought my life was all that interesting, but because a) that way I can't be lazy or lie, and b) maybe my efforts will inspire somebody else to identify their own areas for self-improvement.

This particular post deals with my need for a non-writing hobby in order to be a well-rounded person. When I worked full time, writing was my hobby. Now I write full time, and because of that, and because I'm involved in various writing organizations and have many writing friends, I tend to talk writing a LOT. That's fine when I'm among other writers, but all work and no play makes Diane a very dull girl.

After a recent re-viewing of one of my favorite movies, HOW TO STEAL A MILLION, I was struck (like I always am after watching this movie) by how much I love the wardrobe. And it occurred to me that it would be a fun project to try to recreate the Audrey Hepburn's style from the movie. It's the perfect hobby for me! It involves clothes, shopping, a spreadsheet, a budget, long-term planning, AND MORE. I mean, once I identified every single garment (23) and accessory (31) worn throughout the movie and logged them onto my spreadsheet (because every good project needs a spreadsheet), I realized I was basically about to start a scavenger hunt. And while this might seem to be a very silly hobby to some people, I think I'm as excited about this as I was when I decided to self-publish my first book. Which probably tells you how in need of a hobby I really was!

So whether you're into clothes/shopping or not, here's hoping you enjoy the (probably more frequent than I anticipate) status updates. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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