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It's PEARLS GONE WILD Release Day!

Pearls Gone Wild started out as book 3 in the series, but for several reasons, I published the books out of order. When it came time to revisit this one, the story required such an overhaul that I basically wrote a whole new book. Characters remained, as did the setting of the Ribbon Designer Outlets, but by now Samantha has a job (hoo-ray!), Cat's about to have a baby, and because it's Christmas, Eddie is knee-deep in decorations for Tradava and can't pull himself away to help Sam solve a crime. A couple of surprising things popped up while I was writing, and I even had a couple of days when I walked around thinking, "can I have Samantha do that?" There are some big questions in this book and Sam wrestles with answering them in her own way. All of this was intentional to keep the series fresh and new and moving forward. I'm so excited about what's in store for her in the future, but for now, I hope you love Pearls Gone Wild!


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P.S. People sometimes wonder how many times we read our own work. I tallied this:

After book came back from editor (which accounted for an inderminate amount of reads and re-reads beforehand) and I finished revisions (which accounted for an indeterminate amount of reads and re-reads afterhand):

1. Readthrough on Kindle, made changes

2. Printed hard copy, made changes

3. Read entire book outloud from screen, made changes

4. Read book on Kindle app on tablet, made changes

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