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diane's big book bonanza!

It's a book bonanza! A big one! Enter to win 25 books (or more)!

Here's the story: at the beginning of this year, I focused on the things that I found enjoyable, and one of those things is reading. So I made it a thing to go to bookstores and treat myself to whatever struck my fancy. But I kept thinking, what am I going to do with these books?

Then it struck me. I'll give them away!

There are all kinds of books in here: memoir, motivational, non-fiction, children's, women's fiction, and--OF COURSE!--mystery!

This giveaway will run until December 24. I'll notify the winner on Christmas Day (12/25), and will send out a newsletter the next day to announce the winner and close of contest to all who entered.

If you don't already receive The Weekly DiVa, my newsletter, you'll have the opportunity to sign up.

If you do already receive The Weekly DiVa, then thank you!

Good luck!



P.S. It bears repeating. Go here to enter the giveaway!

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