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Today I'm Obsessed With...outer space sneakers

"Today I'm Obsessed with..." is a new feature on my blog. I fall down a lot of rabbit holes in my daily writing/research, and now that I've given up computer card games for Lent, I need a new distraction. One might argue this defeats the purpose of giving up time-wasting internet card games, to which I will refer you back to "daily writing/research." Technically, this is work.

Today I'm obsessed with outer space sneakers. Sneakers haven't been a regular go-to footwear choice for me in life, but I sometimes like mid-day walks to break up my writing (or to help shake ideas loose), treadmill walking (when the temperature is too cold/hot, or when I feel like watching a video), mall walking (aka shopping!), and city walking (Hello, Philadelphia! Hello, New York City!), and sneakers have been making more and more sense.

And did you know? There's a whole subculture of sneakers out there. Enough so that this will probably become a plotline for a future Samantha Kidd book. (See? Research!)

It occurred to me yesterday that there are sneakers inspired by just about everything, and since I have a minor obsession with outer space, I should see if there are any NASA-themed sneakers.

Look what I found!

There are these:

< Nike Paul George. They come in a cool space-themed box and have Moon Crater-inspired soles.

And these:

Nike NASA Big Kids in silver. Did you see they have some sort of space quote around the (also Moon Crater-y) sole? >

Plus, silver! Everybody knows silver = outer space.

(small feet = big kids sizing.)

Not into Nike? Vans has you covered!

< This is just one of the Vans options in the NASA arena. Click for more.

And don't count out Puma:

(They also come in less patriotic black) >

< If you like gold more than silver, there's the Nike PG 3 Apollo Mission

And if you're really deep into the rabbit hole, you might end up in Japan (or on eBay) >

A starting point? A temporary distraction? A whetting of the whistle? All of the above? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Now, time to get back to my manuscript. I'm on a deadline!



< p.s. on the off chance you are into NASA but you're not into sneakers, there's also this!


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