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Welcome to Madison Night's secret page!

Congratulations! You discovered the secret page for the Madison Night/ Mad for Mod Mystery series. Enjoy!

Working on Madison Night #5. Usually when I'm working on a book, I find corresponding locations that I rename or use as things in the book so I have a visual of where Madison & co are. Here's a link to the map for THE PAJAMA FRAME.


Ever wonder what Madison's Dallas looks like? Click through the maps to see the locations for each of the books in her series. Even though I used to live in the Lakewood/White Rock Lake part of Dallas, I like to Mapquest the part where each book takes place so I can picture how long it takes for Madison to get around (especially if I give her car troubles, which has been happening pretty regularly.) In the map above, you can see the route covered in each book: pink for PILLOW STALK, blue for THAT TOUCH OF INK, and yellow for WITH VICS YOU GET EGGROLL. Here's a handy key for what is where:


A  Madison's Apartment

B Mad for Mod (Madison's decorating studio/office)

C Thelma Johnson's House

D Hudson's house

E Casa Linda Shopping Center (featured in both PILLOW STALK and WITH VICS YOU GET EGGROLL)

F Car rental (when you have car troubles like Madison, it's good to know where you can rent a car)

G Paper Trail (featured in THAT TOUCH OF INK)

H Cleo and Dan Tyler's Cliff May House (WITH VICS YOU GET EGGROLL)

Did I forget a location? Let me know and I'll add it on. (I know where Tex lives, but he's very private, so for now, you'll just have to wait!)

Kill time with this
Mad for Mod wordsearch puzzle! 

At Malice Domestic 2015, I led a singalong of Que Sera Sera as a tribute to Doris Day. That event is recorded here after a brief intro about my own Doris Day connection. A copy of this recording, along with a guest book signed with messages for Ms. Day, were sent to her as a belated 91st birthday present. 

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