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Welcome to Samantha Kidd's secret page

Congratulations! You discovered the secret page for the Samantha Kidd Mystery Series. Enjoy!

This is Samantha Kidd's house. I know this, because it's the house where I grew up. (I could give you the address, but strangers live there now and they might not be all that happy if you went knocking on their door.) I have fond memories of the house and the neighborhood.  A couple of years ago it was on the market and I wondered...should I? But I decided it was better to write about it instead.

Samantha (much like me) is a fan of Pennsylvania not-so-healthy food. (she seems to not have to worry about her weight, so she eats it on a far more regular basis than I do--lucky!). Hoagies, steak standwiches, meatball sandwiches, pizza, and pretzels are among her favorites. Here's the recipe for her signature sandwich. Enjoy!


If you've spent any time in Reading, Pennsylvania (where the town of Ribbon is set), you know that pretzesl are important. Two favorite brands: Unique Splitz and Tom Sturgis. You can't go wrong with either one! (my personal favorite shifts between these two almost daily).

Evolution of a Cover Concept

Deciding on a cover for the first book in the series wasn't easy. The only thing I knew (from the beginning) was that I wanted it to be purple. After deciding to self publish the series, the entire cover process was in my hands. I could have farmed it out, but I viewed it as a creative challenge. Here's a look at the evolution of that cover over ten years, from when I first started writing the story that eventually became DESIGNER DIRTY LAUNDRY to the final cover that you see on the book today.

Samantha Kidd Fashion Wisdom:

The best lingerie is the kind that doubles as cocktail attire. You never know when you’re going to have to take off your clothes in order to make a clean getaway.


Orange is best avoided. Especially in jumpsuits.


Food stains are not accessories. They’re an excuse to buy a new outfit mid-day.


There is nothing wrong with adding an element of costume to your attire!


Shoes matter.


There is a time and place for leopard print; there is a time and a place for plaid.


If you’re not sure of a dress code, call ahead, disguise your voice, and ask. If you’re looking for dirt, it’s best to blend in.

If you’re looking for attention, it’s best not.


Red Lipstick

is necessary for two reasons:


  1. Glamour,

  2. Writing messages on mirrors.


Pajamas are perfect for getting silly clothing out of your system. When else can you wear an entire outfit printed with cupcakes?


Don’t think you can get away with shoddy fashion statements early in the morning. You’d be surprised how many people get up before 7.


There’s nothing like being away from home to bring on an impromptu makeover.


There's one acceptable way to wear real fur: hold your pet for thirty seconds while wearing cashmere.

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