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slay ride, samantha kidd killer fashion mystery 10 by diane vallere



Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release date: 12/25/2019

Series: Samantha Kidd

Level of Fashion: Xmas-Chic

PB ISBN: 9781954579101

E ISBN: 9781954579095

🎧 ISBN: 

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Bah, Hashtag!

When fashion insider Samantha Kidd lands a temporary assignment as a social media influencer two weeks before Christmas, she dives into the world of lifestyle goals. The job provides props to encourage drool-worthy posts, but when a colleague goes missing, the illusion of the perfect life fades like an out-of-date filter.

The only clues are found on his Instagram timeline, which Samantha knows has been staged. Maintaining appearances takes a back seat to finding the missing man, but when the lines between authenticity and hype are blurred, she’ll either find the truth … or drown in a sea of hashtags.

Can Samantha keep murder from becoming a trending topic?

Slay Ride is the tenth charming cozy in the Samantha Kidd mystery series. If you like holiday mysteries, fashionable settings, and friendship fiction, then you’ll love Diane Vallere’s influencer mystery.

Get slayed! #SamanthaKidd #Totallyfunny #HolidayMystery #YouKnowYouWantTo :)

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