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tails from the deep, mermaid sister mystery 1 by diane vallere


Mermaid Sisters Cozy Mystery #1
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Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release date: 6/2019

Series: Mermaid Sisters

Level of Fashion: Scales

Lexile Score: 1000

E ISBN: 9781939197627
🎧 ISBN: 

Zoe seeks underwater adventure. The local police seek a mermaid informant. Can she help without risking her family’s safety?

Zoe wasn’t looking for trouble. As the middle daughter in a family of three mermaid sisters, she never gets the attention she deserves. She spends her days frolicking with sea creatures by the sunken battleship that sits at the edge of Sirenia, and her nights being lectured about danger. But when she finds a diver trapped in the kelp by the wreckage, she overcomes her shock to free him. The problem? The only available tool to cut him loose is in the body that on the ocean floor beside him.

Zoe learns the diver is a detective tasked with solving the dead man’s murder. Being in the unique position of finding evidence underwater, Zoe volunteers to help . . . until she finds a clue that links the victim to her older sister. Now the only way to ensure the safety of her sister—and protect the mermaid colony she always dreamed of leaving behind—is to discover the dead man’s identity herself. Zoe is used to being invisible around the other mermaids, but will digging for clues in the ocean floor lead to her watery grave?

Tails from the Deep is the charming first cozy mystery in the Mermaid Sisters trilogy. If you like fun reads, unusual settings, and unique characters, you’ll love Diane Vallere’s Mermaid Sisters Mysteries.

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