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I send the Weekly Diva on Sunday mornings. It's the perfect start to your week: a little girl talk, some book talk, and let's-get-real about life talk. Ups, downs, new books, between books, staying positive while staying focused . . . + some awesome goodies that you'll only hear about there.


Emails include personal anecdotes, inside info on new and existing projects, sneak peeks into books, links to my latest videos, bonus content, and opportunities to participate in my creative process.


Start your week off right by joining me for girl talk, book talk, and life talk! xo, Diane

Like to try before you buy? Here are a couple of sample newsletters for you to check out.
(Discount and promo offers may be out of date.)

Feb 25: Book excerpt! Pity parties! Videos! and more! 
Feb 18: 
Butterscotch Krimpets, Wicked authors, and a book cover game! 
Feb 11: Are you ready for it?  
Feb 4: 
Sneak peek at RANCH DRESSING, limited time discount, and my new roommate??? 
Jan 30: 
A deep discount on GILT TRIP, Killer Fashion mystery #14! 
Jan 28: Videos, a new book announcement, and where has January gone??? (
Jan 7: Back with a bang! With 2024 energy!
Dec 31: No more astronauts?
Dec 24: Merry Merry! (
Dec 17: Controlling? Me? Never!
Dec 10: 
Holiday book madness and waking from a very long hibernation!
Dec 3: Happy Rocky Day! 🥊
Nov 26: Last day for Samantha Kidd fill-in-the-gaps!
Nov 19: Science Fiction, new ideas, and time off??? 
Nov 12: A new puzzle and thoughts on worst case scenarios!
Nov 5: Cowgirls, ghostly fashionistas, and a bet you can't afford not to make!
Oct 29: Halloween books + faking it! 
Oct 26: TULLE DEATH DO US PART, New Material Witness Mystery, is out now!
Oct 22: pizza, new books, new ideas, and baseball!
Oct 15: It happened again! 
Oct 8: Ch 1 excerpt from upcoming fabric shop mystery + in-person event!
Oct 1: Last chance on TULLE giveaway! 
Sep 28: Last chance on TULLE giveaway!
Sep 24: Popcorn + a book giveaway! 
Sept 17: 
A giveaway! A crazy-deep discount on Material Witness mysteries! …and a pizza cart?  
Sep 12: 
An unprecedented sale on the Material Witness mysteries!
Sep 10: 
Back-to-school energy, and It girl, and enjoying life's indulgences!
Sep 3: 
Mermaids, exclusives, and some fun Madison Night news!
Aug 29: 
Wait. What? Is that a new exclusive Samantha Kidd edition featuring Nick Taylor???
Aug 27: 
Cozy settings, book teaser, and negative self-talk!

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