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Indulging in sleep

This past week, we had repair people at the house. It wasn't as if we woke up one morning and said hey, you know what I would really like? A new HVAC unit! But sometimes the humorous universe gods decide our priorities are out of whack and force these decisions upon us. So, after a few weeks of waiting, the work began. 


I don't mind having people come and do work for me. That feels like a luxury. But what I do mind is having to set my alarm for 5:30! 


(And then I really mind when people say they will show up at 6:30 and don't show up until 6:45, because those fifteen minutes of sleep at that hour are like gold.)


Several years ago, I discovered that if I got up around 5-6 a.m. and set to work on my manuscript, by lunchtime, I had put in nearly a full day. It was eye-opening in terms of productivity and in terms of free time. I mentioned it to a writer friend who is a morning person by nature, and she agreed; mornings are the most productive time of her day. 


The thing is, of everything I've ever done in my life: buying designer clothes, going on vacations, indulging in snacks/desserts/pizza, drinking champagne, the most luxurious thing I've ever done is sleep in. I love waking naturally. It is like a cold glass of water on a hot day: restorative and delightful. 


Sometimes we need to recognize these little things that mean a lot to us, and to recognize that their value is greater than their cost. It's free to sleep in--sure, i

It costs me a little bit off productivity, but it allows me to get up in a go-with-the-flow mentality. It takes the edge off of hurry-hurry-hurry, or do-one-more-thing. It reminds me that the world keeps on turning whether I'm asleep or not, that I'll get done what I have to get done when I get it done, that I can only work for so many hours, and that my brain performs better when it gets a break. 


And isn't that the best luxury of all? 


Hey! If you missed it, RANCH DRESSING, Samantha Kidd #15, is out now!

if you're all caught up on Samantha Kidd, check out WARPED ON A MOON TREK, coming in June 2024!


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