union jacked, samantha kidd killer fashion mystery 9 by diane vallere




Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release date: 4/18/2019

Series: Samantha Kidd

Level of Fashion: Brit-Chic

PB ISBN: 9781954579088

E ISBN: 9781954579071

🎧 ISBN: 

Royally Screwed!

When a British investment company buys Samantha Kidd's troubled retail employer, she finds herself torn between her role as management and the unionized employees picketing for better pay. Her only distraction is the retirement party she's planning for Detective Loncar on the side. But when a shooter fires into the crowd outside the store and injures two men, Samantha's priorities shift. One victim is the head of the union. The other is Detective Loncar.

The detective warns Samantha to stay out of the investigation . . . and then slips into a coma. With two possible victims, Samantha doesn't know which was the target. Was the strike captain playing dirty with his negotiations? Are those rumors about Loncar's personal life true? Between a cop bar, a life coach, and a blue line that's anything but thin, Samantha's teacup runneth over. One thing's for sure: after this case, nothing will be the same.

Can Samantha keep calm and carry on? 

Union Jacked is the ninth funny cozy in the Samantha Kidd mystery series. If you like loyal characters, questionable cops, and stylish drama, then you’ll love Diane Vallere’s chic mystery.

Get gobsmacked with Samantha Kidd. Buy Union Jacked today!

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