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pillow stalk



Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release date: 2/2018

Series: Madison Night

Level of Fashion: Vintage

HC ISBN: 9781941962053
PB ISBN: 9781940976068
🎧 ISBN: 9781520063560

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The lightness of a Doris Day movie. The darkness of homicide. And a Shih-Tzu named Rock.


Interior Decorator Madison Night might look like a throwback to the sixties, but as business owner and landlord, she proves that independent women can have it all. When a killer targets women dressed in her signature style-estate sale vintage to play up her resemblance to fave actress Doris Day-what makes her unique might make her dead.

The local detective connects the new crime to a twenty-year old cold case, and Madison's long-trusted contractor emerges as the leading suspect. As the body count piles up Madison uncovers a Soviet spy, a campaign to destroy all Doris Day movies, and six minutes of film that will change her life forever.

Can Madison see beyond the obvious conclusions to spot a killer who’s been hiding in plain sight?

Pillow Stalk is the first in the Doris-Day-infused Madison Night Mystery Series. If you like well-written mysteries with animal sidekicks and midcentury style, then you’ll love Diane Vallere’s smart series.

Buy Pillow Stalk to escape into mid-century-modern drama today!

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