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warped on a moon trek


Tomorrow is yesterday and next week may never come in this new space adventure with notes of Veronica Mars and Lost in Space!



Genre: SciFi/Cozy

Release date: 6/2024

Level of Fashion: Space Fashion

PB ISBN: 9780984965366
E ISBN: 9780984965373

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Sylvia Stryker is the Moon Unit Corporation’s employee of the month. Impressive, since her side gig solving intergalactic mysteries takes up most of her time. But she is put to a new test after her mentor, Neptune, flies through a wormhole to meet with a reclusive scientist about the faulty chip powering their lunar module. The contact has been hiding from accusations of murder on another planet. Even more startling is the identity of the scientist: a family member Sylvia never thought she’d see again.


When Neptune’s space pod vanishes into a parallel timeline, Sylvia is quick to follow, but a face-to-face with her younger self threatens her reality. She is thrust into a time-bending journey where the unsolved murder becomes central to her mission. With a missing boss, a malfunctioning navigational system, and a family reunion hanging in the balance, Sylvia’s race against time just might save the world…or eradicate it from existence.


Can Sylvia repair the circuits of time, or will she stay lost in space with a killer? 

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