Sylvia Stryker Space Case #1

$3.99 ebook | $13 paperback

Release date: Aug 1, 2018

National bestselling author Diane Vallere gives a space academy dropout a chance to fit in--but it's what makes her different that changes everything…

When space academy dropout Sylvia Stryker hacks her way into the position of Uniform Inventory Manager aboard Moon Unit 5, she jumps at the chance to leave her small planet behind. Besides, who will find out she faked the results of her physical? But when the ship’s second navigation officer is found dead in the uniform closet shortly after departing the space station, Sylvia’s problems become bigger than falsified test results. And when her supervisor places her on probation for her own uniform infraction, she’s at risk of being dropped off at the nearest substation. Juggling red shirts, white lies, and little green men, Sylvia has to expose a killer before Moon Unit 5 becomes space dust.

***originally published as MURDER ON MOON TREK 1.

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