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It's Madison Time!

Chances are, you already know I have a new book out today, because I've splashed it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and somewhere else I can't remember. I also have a book on sale today, #1 in the very same series. Which means, for a limited time, you can get all four books in the series for $15.96, which seems like a pretty good deal to me, but let's break down exactly what you'd have to sacrifice in order to afford this?

1. Four bottles of cheap wine. (maybe five, depending on how cheap your cheap wine is.)

2. Forty-eight packages of ramen noodles from the 99 cent store. (This does seem like a tough trade, because chances are you would burn through the books in less time than it would take you to eat forty-eight packages of ramen noodles. UNLESS you're like me, and you buy the ramen noodles, and then they sit on a shelf indefinitely because there's a comfort in knowing that, worst case scenario, you can boil some water and eat ramen noodles instead of going grocery shopping. Which also means you probably already have a backup of ramen noodles and don't need more. See what I did there?

3. Two movie tickets. Unless you're an AT&T customer, in which case did you know they do a thing on Tuesdays where you buy one ticket and get the other for free? (I'm saving you money left, right, and center today. You're welcome.)

4. Expensive cheese. Look, I figure if you're drinking cheap wine, you might be balancing out the equation with expensive cheese. It's not a totally crazy assumption? Plus it makes you look cultured.

5. A new piece of clothing from the Victoria Beckham for Target collection. (The VB4T collection is very affordable, so frankly if you gave up buying one piece, you could buy the four books, a cheap bottle of wine, and a moderately priced cheese.)

That should be enough to get you started. Notice I did not suggest you give up anything important (like pizza!). That was so I could demonstrate to you that there are sacrifices and there are necessities and clearly I know the difference.


P.S. Just incase you read this far wondering what the heck books I'm talking about, here are the links to the books. Links take you to Books2Read, where you can choose whichever online reading platform you like! Or you could, you know, walk into a bookstore and ask them to get you a physical copy :)

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