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TGI July Contest!

I am in the ridiculously happy place of having just turned in a manuscript and having zero trips on the calendar for July. Which means I'm not stressed! And while I have a monster list of things that I've been putting off until July, I also know that I can let the whims of the day take me wherever they want (at least for now.) And because I'm excited about July, I want YOU to be excited about July, so I whipped up a contest. Which I have handily named TGI July. (I love that it rhymes, don't you?)

The contest is equal parts celebration, promotion, and appreciation. Here's the breakdown:

1. Celebration: manuscript turned in and no trips in July = cause for celebration!

2. Promotion: new Costume Shop Mystery coming out August 1. So, naturally, all kinds of book-themed prizes!

3. Appreciation: you DO know you're on this journey with me, right? I want to say THANK YOU for reading my books!

Here's how it's going to go: 4 weeks. 4 prize packs (you can see each week's prize below). Bunches of ways to win, all of which start out with you entering to win here:

A little about the book:

Costume shop owner Margo Tamblyn faces a deadly conspiracy when a small-town festival turns into big-time trouble. It’s no secret around Proper City, Nevada, that the Sagebrush Festival, the town’s annual family-friendly event, is the place to be. This year’s theme of board games has everything from Conspiracy to Clue. Margo Tamblyn’s costume shop, Disguise DeLimit, has been tasked with providing costumes for the festival headliner, the Domino Divas. But on the night of the performance, one fallen Domino threatens to bring down the whole show when head dancer Ronnie Cass is found in her dressing room, unmasked, unprepared, and very, very dead. As the police investigate, Margo learns that Don Digby, her father's best friend, is the prime suspect, tied to the victim by an unsolved robbery connected to Proper City’s past. As conspiracies abound and theories are debunked, Margo seeks to unmask the real killer before her dad's buddy winds up in a costume made with prison stripes.

Want to preorder your copy of DRESSED TO CONFESS? You can!

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