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please don't push up the daisies, a madison night mystery by national bestselling author diane vallere




Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release date: 6/27/2023

Series: Madison Night

Level of Fashion: Vintage

HC ISBN: 9781954579767

PB ISBN: 9781954579750

e ISBN: 9781954579743

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She killed him, she killed him not...


When interior decorator Madison Night finally meets the family of boyfriend and police captain Tex Allen, the circumstances are less than joyful. His sister’s broody botanist husband left Lily to raise their four rambunctious boys on her own, and she’s at wit’s end. The only bright spot is the mid-century ranch he gave her in their divorce settlement. 

The soon-to-be-ex has one request: a face to face with Lily before he says goodbye. Madison offers to go along for moral support, but in lieu of signed settlement papers, she finds the ex’s body crumpled in the corner of the arboretum where he works. When swarm of angry bees sideline Tex, it’s Madison’s job to dig up the secrets that led to the murder — but if she’s not careful, the dirt she uncovers could fill her grave instead.

here's a puzzle while you wait: 

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