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the glass bottom hoax, madison night mystery 12




Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release date: 10/29/2024

Series: Madison Night

Level of Fashion: Vintage

HC ISBN: 9781954579972

PB ISBN: 9781954579989

e ISBN: 9781954579996

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Cruising Caprice!

Madison Night has a reputation for excellence in mid-century modern decorating, but when a covert opportunity to expose a crime ring on a cruise ship comes her way, she goes undercover. The job will test her acting skills as much as her investigative prowess: she’s booked as a Doris Day impersonator and police captain Tex Allen is posing as her manager husband. But roleplay and reality blur when the body of the entertainment director is found on the lido deck sometime between shuffleboard and sunset.


The purser was Madison’s lone contact on the cruise ship, which leaves her adrift. Catching crooked employees is one thing, but exposing a murderer in the middle of the ocean is another. It’s bad enough that she’s expected to sing for her supper; her convenient cover story puts her in the center of danger. With a very fake husband and a very real crisis, Madison has to dive deep for answers before the tides turn against her.


Can Madison keep her head above water, or will this case send her overboard?


THE GLASS BOTTOM HOAX is the twelth mystery in the Madison Night series. If you like Doris Day movies, resourceful sleuths, or edgy cozies, you’ll love Diane Vallere’s fun, escapist mystery. 

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