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the kill of it all, madison night mystery 9 by diane vallere

the kill of it all



Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release date: 2/22/22

Series: Madison Night

Level of Fashion: Vintage

HC ISBN: 9781954579392

PB ISBN: 9781954579293

E ISBN: 9781954579286

🎧 ISBN: 

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Publicity panic!

Madison Night’s star is on the rise. Thanks to a series of TV spots to promote her decorating business’s grand reopening, she’s busier than ever. The police commissioner, impressed with her screen presence, engages her to replace the original actress in his feel-good campaign for local law enforcement. But when the first spokeswoman’s body is found on set after Madison’s testimonial airs, the last thing the police need is publicity.

Madison steers clear of the controversy by focusing on her company relaunch, but when gossip links the victim to someone special in her life, she gets involved by proxy. She uses her soapbox to draw out suspects, but if she’s not careful, it might serve as a coffin instead. 

Can Madison reveal a hidden killer before the bubble bursts on her newfound success?

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