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welcome to the big 40. Forty books, that is!

the big 40
diane vallere alternate author photo


I'm Diane Vallere, national bestselling author of several light mystery series. My fortieth book, RANCH DRESSING, comes out on Feb 27. 2024. FORTY! I can hardly believe it!

(Do you have them all? Do you want a checklist to keep track? I made you one here!)


Join along in the fun as I count my way from book 1 up to book 40 on the publication day of RANCH DRESSING!

Starting January 19, I'm counting down through my backlist with videos that include something you might not already know about each day's book. You'll find behind-the-stories stories posted daily on my Facebook Page. Day 40 is the release of

RANCH DRESSING, and there's a giveaway open to anyone who preorders the book!


The images below will go from gray to color on that book's focus day. Click the image to watch the video about that book. 




day 1

midnight ice.jpg

day 3

that touch of ink.jpg

day 5

suede to rest.jpg

day 7

with vics you get eggroll.jpg

day 9

a disguise to die for.jpg

day 11

silk stalkings.jpg

day 13

peals gone wild.jpg

day 15

cement stilettos.jpg

day 17

murder on a moon trek.jpg

day 19

panty raid.jpg

day 21

hijacked on a moon trek.jpg

day 23

bonbons for your brain.jpg

day 25

dead in the water.jpg

day 27

framed on a moon trek.jpg

day 29

tough luxe.jpg

day 31

fahrenheit 501.jpg

day 33

stark raving mod.jpg

day 35

gilt trip.jpg

day 37

tulle death do us part.jpg

day 39

pillow stalk.jpg

day 2

buyer beware.jpg

day 4

the brim reaper.jpg

day 6

some like it haute.jpg

day 8

crushed velvet.jpg

day 10

grand theft retro.jpg

day 12

masking for trouble.jpg

day 14

the decorator who knew too much.jpg

day 16

dressed to confess.jpg

day 18

the pajama frame.jpg

day 20

scandal on a moon trek.jpg

day 22

lover come hack.jpg

day 24

union jacked.jpg

day 26

slay ride.jpg

day 28

apprehend me no flowers.jpg

day 30

teacher's threat.jpg

day 32

the kill of it all.jpg

day 34

love me or grieve me.jpg

day 36

please don't push up the daisies.jpg

day 38

Copy of big 40 countdown.gif

day 40

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